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Sam & Christian

I have seriously studied a lot of great PARENTING BOOKS like The Incredible Years, Loving your Kids on Purpose, Parenting for Fun, Baby Whisperer and I also have wonderful experience as Governor of a most amazing urban state school in Chelsea which is a model in the Early Year Education. However, only meeting weekly at The Parenting Course and actually discussing my own every day journey with my very real children helped bring together everything I had read, learnt, had been told, and my shared experience of others, as well as all my natural instincts - yes, Sila assured me I have them tucked away somewhere! Every week I thrashed out (in a very safe environment as Christians won’t judge your maddest mistakes, and even make a few themselves which is comforting) all the best and most well established parenting theories presented in the western world and began to understand how they would actually work in my own family life. I really wanted enjoy my children at the same time as bringing the up as the unbelievably kind, loving and impeccably mannered, blissfully contented Oxford scholarship candidates they will surely be! I wanted to enjoy the often gruelling process and not just keep calm and carry on. Not just wait until the day they are less excitable. Heaven forbid. Let them teach me to live every day as if it were the first. Let me enjoy them in the context of being tired, praying for patience and being completely overwhelmed by the joyous burden of knowing that these are their formative years, which will could set them on a happy path in their own walk in life and with the Lord and I am their mother and that is my job! So scary, as in fact a 10 minute flute practice and a spelling test this evening will be quite an uphill struggle. I feel out numbered. But I remind myself that I am not – and have chosen strongly to believe.

Past guests

‘The course was very informative and helped to build confidence as a parent.’

‘It’s helped tremendously in many ways, like seeing some behaviour as child-like and not losing my cool.’

‘We don’t have children yet but it has prepared us very well for when the baby comes.’

‘It has given me ways to communicate effectively with my kids.’

‘We loved it and learnt so much.