Don’t just take our word for it – this is what some past guests have said about the course. Why not share your story?

Dan and Kate

Dan: ‘While many couples spend hours preparing for their wedding and comparatively little time thinking beyond it, we found The Marriage Preparation Course an amazing, romantic and fun way to create space for us as a couple to do just that amidst all the chaos of wedding planning. It helped us to look ahead to life after the day itself.

Kate: ‘The course gave us tools to fight together to keep our marriage strong. It laid firm foundations for our love to last far beyond our romantic Sardinian honeymoon. We always make up before bed. We affirm one another with compliments a lot. We make an effort to look nice for each other and we try to remain open to what the other is thinking, even if we don’t initially agree’.

Emma and Tom

‘I think the most beneficial section of The Marriage Preparation Course for us was learning about commitment and resolving conflict. In particular, taking time to spend with each other each week and the exercise in the resolving conflict section about how to resolve conflict constructively- that one has come out several times since!’

Haley and Oliver

We had heard from others who recommended The Marriage Preparation Course to us how surprisingly beneficial they found it, despite feeling they knew each other very well and had discussed most topics with each other. Essentially we wanted to be intentional with our season of engagement and we felt this was a great way to do that. We both really value the wisdom that new couples can gain from couples who are many seasons ahead in life and we wanted to glean some of that wisdom for our own marriage. We didn’t have any particular issues when we started, though we immediately found ourselves addressing differences such as communication styles and essentially the need to really become more other-centered and abandon our selfish tendencies in order to be able to be vulnerable with each other throughout this process. We were surprised by how easily it helped us initiate conversations or elaborate on topics we may otherwise not have instinctively discussed. We learned new things about how to communicate with each other and how to listen to each other better. Throughout, we realized that despite being very in love and being fully committed to each other, aspects of our relationship will require more work and thoughtfulness and sensitivity to each other in different seasons of our lives and it’s okay if something isn’t happening naturally and requires effort. Practical application demonstrates love and commitment and that goes a long way. Doing the course has made us feel more equipped for what to expect in marriage, although each marriage is different.